Getting Started

Welcome to Newsgraph, CNN's REST API for the distribution of our award winning original content. We have over 450,000 articles and videos available in our archives which are all accessiable through the API. This guide will provide you with the fundamentals of accessing the content through the REST API, its features, and how to quickly get set up. The most useful place to start with the API is the search method, described in detail below. The search method is a GET opereation and is secured over SSL. It allows for many filters and query keys to tailor your content feed for you specific application. The hostname for the API is


In order to start searching your content, you must create an account and register for an API Key.

Once you have an api key, you must append it as a query parameter called api_key as part of your url

Example: ?api_key={api_key}


The hostname to start searching newsgraph is

Query calls will only work over https.

If you want to search our content, you have to use the URI and add to the URI a set of query keys and query values separated by a colon in the subpath to narrow down your search to what you want.


The query key and query value pair that you set will find content that matches your query for example if you are searching for content whose type was of value article then using will result in content whose type field will be of value article. The query keys and query values are case sensitive.

This will return to you JSON with the number of content that matches your query in the results field and the docs field will contain the array of content that matches your query.

If you put a minus in front of the query key then you will filter out content equal to that query key and query value pair. For example, -type:article will filter out the content whose type are of article.

If you want to search our content by ID of the document, you have to use the URI and add to the URI the IDs of the documents you want to retrieve separated by a semicolon.